Tuesday, June 30, 2020

OK, this may look like an old post, but a paragraph got left out.  Dang, and this 
one is important!  I am going to re-post yesterdays post with the new one left out.  
Because maybe someone will be reading for the first time.  Stay tuned!

However I did get one more live show in last Saturdaywhen I played for
Becky Lloyd Thomas' 60th birthday party.Becky is a long long time fan,
and friend, of my music. She goes way back to the 70’s! I performed in her
front yard for family and a few friends and a few of her neighbors even stopped by
or sat in their driveways and listened.The party concert was also streamed 
to folks from the Fulshear House concert series (a wonderful house concert to play).
One of the extraordinary elements of the evening, and the party, were the
wild peacocks that roam the neighborhood. They were on the roof above me 
as I sang and played, and one perched on top of my car.  They added to the 
festivities and roamed freely everywhere throughout the hood. Definitely 
one to remember! We came home with a handful of feathers gifted to me by
Becky!  Shopping (online) for a vase to display them!  

Thanks Becky for inviting me to your party.  Also, you won the trophy for the
best "Rooster Crow"!
Another P.S., there will be no guests this Thursday at "The Duck", just live 
streaming, so tune in on Facebook to the Duck site!

Thanks for inviting me to your party!


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  1. when are we going to see you up in denison, texas??? when this virus blows over?(if it ever does). stay safe. judy lewis jandc002@aol.com