Tuesday, June 23, 2020

The masked man rides again!!

Hi ho Gypsy Silver !!

Who was that masked man?

Why that was no ordinary masked man —
That was Shake Russell ’ the lone folk singer’.
It’s been pretty lonely since March 13th.
with only a handful of gigs since the lock down
and many of my musical cohorts are hunkered down,
I am saddling up and getting ready to ride.

In the past few weeks, since the powers that be
in Texas began allowing partial occupancy to businesses,
restaurants and clubs, I have played a few shows.
A private concert for two in their home for the Bishop's, two shows
at the Duck (both were streamed) one with 25% occupancy = 30 people.
I played one in Fredericksburg with 50% occupancy, with Wayne
Wilkerson on guitar and Mike Roberts on bass,  one solo at Anderson 
Fair that was live streamed with 20 people in attendance.

A week ago we played an outdoor show at Bernhardt Winery
for about 300 + of folks. That show almost felt normal.

Slowly but surely, the phone is beginning to ring again and a few shows
are being booked here and there. I have a couple of private parties coming up,
and a solo show  at J P Hops House on Sat. July 11th www.jphopshouse.com,  as well as “Main Street Crossing “ in Tomball on Sunday July 12th (50% occupancy ). It’s an early Sunday show—music starts at 6:30pm.
If you can’t make it out streaming is available for this concert also I believe.

Come on out to one of theses shows and help support all
the clubs and venues suffering economically from the shutdowns.

Later in July I will be performing with Michael Hearne and Mike Roberts at the
The Kessler Theater in Dallas on Friday, July 24th and the Heights Theater
in Houston on July 25th.  Mark your calendars!

Please don’t forget!!!!
I will also be continuing my “Live From the Sanctuary “
streaming concert series this Thursday evening, June 25th@ 7pm.
This will be my third show from home. I must admit, I am enjoying sitting on
my sofa singing  and playing songs for you, bringing back some old songs I
haven't played in a while!  Plus ‘Gypsy Silver’ is getting great gas mileage.
I love all of you tuning in and requesting songs and adding comments
as the evening progresses.  It’s fun from my end and I hope you enjoy the
informality of it all. Even the dogs barking in the background. I hope you will
tune in this week. Maybe I will do this sanctuary concert from our rooftop,
you know, like the Beatles did back in the day. Or maybe save it for another time!?!?

Anyway,  I will be doing a “soundcheck song” @ 5pm on Thursday
to remind you of the show at 7pm.   Please mark your calendar and
tune in.

Thanks everyone —and a reminder that YES, the masked man rides again,
so give us a call and book a show, a house concert or an event!!  We are ready to Travel Texas again!  Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and on!  Maybe even Wyoming!  If my buddy Kelly McGuire can do it, I believe I will try it also!

I look forward to hearing from you all, and seeing you all again soon.
Stay safe!
Stay tuned!

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  1. Hello Shake. This is Jim Tiemann's little brother Scott. Didn't know how to contact you nor Dana but I thought you might want to know your old friend and band member Jim recently passed away. He always said that he enjoyed y'all's friendship and old times. Take care.