Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Well we are back in the saddle again! 2017 is off and running. Started off with a SRO crowd at
McGonigel's Mucky Duck on Jan. 7, always fun and then 2 sold out shows at our Annual Golden House Concert.  Thank you Judy and Frank for having us for the 10trh year to celebrate your anniversary. 
We had a great show at Bernhardt's Winery in their new indoor music room with a newly constructed 
industrial size stage.  Wow! Way to go Jerry! It’s always fun to play outside surrounded by the pastoral
beauty  of the winery (when weather permits), but it is sure nice to have the ‘indoor option’ when we need it.
The winery continues to grow thanks to Jerry’s never-ending vision of What if?….

Our annual Valentine Show at Main Street Crossing in Tomball, TX.
was a great success, thanks to all of you who came out on such a romantic
Tuesday night to help make it a memorable evening.  There was dinner, dessert,
wine, and music.I swear Michael Hearne even wore a coat and tie!
 He looked like he was running for high office of some kind! Maybe a sheriff or Governor of
New Mexico!  I‘ll tell you what…I would have voted for him! The fashion show alone was worth
the price of admission. It was very impressive.  Mike Roberts was looking pretty dang dapper also!
Me?  I looked the same as always but I did wear red shirt.  At the end of the evening Michael led
the encore of  “I CAN’T HELP FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU”. Everyone sang along and
yes there was love in the air!  I swear i heard Elvis singing somewhere on the last verse.
‘Wise men say only fools rush in…….Oh What a night!!

On Feb. 11th   we played one of our rare “Unplugged concerts" at Lake Side Country Club
in Houston. It was a private party hosted by Wade Jones,who was a big contributor to our campaign
last year for our three new CD's and was to thank folks who had donated towards the purchase
of 125 body armor vests for the officers in their local Precinct 5. It was a great cause and a cocktail
party/dinner get together with musical entertainment. That would be us.  We played a good long set.
Sometimes it’s nice to leave the sound system at home and simply perform “unplugged”.  However
this concept only works if everyone will gather around and listen… and they did!   Great folks, great fun!
Easy load in…easy load out. Thanks Wade for asking us to be a part of this special evening. We all
must support and back our men and women in blue.

Last Saturday night we kicked off 2017 season for New Braunfels  "Backyard at Gruene on Pebble Brook"
Concert Series hosted by Sandy and Rob Mueller. The show takes place in their beautiful, spacious
backyard just a stones throw from’ Old Gruene Hall’.  It was a pleasant short sleeve Texas night under the stars.
The weather was almost spring like.People came from all over the area, some as far as Canyon Lake,
 and by dark had filled up the backyard 75 guests. We played our first set, took a break, and then everyone
enjoyed a pot luck, covered dish banquet style feast…and then we played a second set. House concerts are
a performers dream.  There is a built in marvelous listening audience, who come to these events because
they love live music and wish to support it.  Thank you so much.We also thank Sandy and Rob and others for
taking the time  out of their busy lives to bring live music to their friends and community. We had a blast and
hope to return in the 2018 season.


HEADS UP…This Saturday Feb. 25th we will return to the LOG ON CAFE in Beaumont, Texas.
It has been awhile since I’ve played this venue.  Michael has never played there so it’s a first for him.
Looking  forward  to seeing you all out there. The show starts at 8:00 PM.  www.logoncafe.net.

SUNDAY EVENING  I will be performing a “SOLO” show at McGonigel's Mucky Duck ’supper show’
from 6pm-7:30 pm.  It’s one 90 minute set of me and my guitar, and some stories of how the songs
came to be. Come on out and hear me play some tunes I don’t perform that often and  of course,
a few of those I do.  Bring some requests with you. www.mcgonigels.com for tickets.

AN ADDED ATTRACTION… Joshua Daugherty will be recording the show and thumb drives documenting the show will be available for purchase to take home at the end of the concert. Joshua has recorded several shows for the trio over the past year. He has a wonderful creative eye and instincts and captures it all.  Besides a great audio stereo recording of the concert,
he also provides visual graphics, such as a CD cover, a set list, additional photos he takes of the performance and of the venue itself. HE ALSO SHOOTS A MINI VIDEO BACKSTAGE OF ME SAYING HELLO, THANK YOU, ETC….So, the end result is a one of a kind, keep sake of the night.
Come on out a be a part of it!
Hope to see you at a show.