Wednesday, November 29, 2017

My new album, as they say in the recording industry, is in the can. I am still undecided on what to call the new album. Twelve new songs have been recorded. The titles are:
“The New Blue Peace”, “Granddaddy’s Silver Dollar”, “Me and Mark Twain”, “Never Miss a Chance”, “Traveling Dog”, “The Wishing Chair”, “Sweet Water”, “Dream Big” and “You Wouldn’t Know Me”. We are having Jimmy Stadler add piano to several of the tracks. You know, Jimmy’s the king of the keyboards.
Now it’s time for tweaking, polishing, mixing and mastering. I am meeting with graphic artist, Dick Reeves this week to discuss the cover art work. It’s time for new pics, etc. I am shooting for an early 2018 release.
This album will be number “thirty”, and I feel this one is really my best. This is largely due and thanks to my producer and multi instrumentalist, Don Richmond, and with James Doyle on drums providing the groove. I am very excited about the new project and I am anxious to see and hear what you think about it.
To have a new album under my belt and ready for release is a great way to end the 2017.
This year I also recently received a Platinum Record Album Award from Miranda for my song “You Wouldn’t Know Me”. Miranda recorded a rocking version of her new double album CD “The Weight of These Wings”. She just won Female Vocalist of the year from the CMA and earlier this year “Album of the Year”. I also re-cut a fresh new version of the song on my new album.
Finally, to top off the year, a few weeks ago I was informed a song I co-wrote with my old friend from Houston, Andrew Chapman, aka JoJo, has been has been put on the ballot to be nominated for a Grammy. The name of the song is “That’s The Kind of Day I Had Today”. Andy, under his stage name JoJo, recorded it on his new CD, “Well, It’s About Time” released this past Summer. It is on the ballot to be nominated in the Americana songwriting category. Who Knows? We’ll see. It looks good on the resume. It’s always an honor to be nominated, win or lose. As 2017 is winding down I still have a few more shows this year.
Dec. 1 @ Anderson Fair in Houston. It will be a solo show and I will be previewing songs from my new CD. Come on out. for tickets. Music about 8:45 PM
Dec. 2 with Michael Hearne and Mike Roberts at The Schriever’s 7th Annual House Concert in Pearland. This is a can’t miss house concert. Weather permitting, it will be outside in their beautiful backyard with plenty of fire pits, etc. (Secret: It is also my and Dee’s Anniversary! Come help us celebrate with our friends, many of which were at our wedding.)
Dec. 8 @ Main Street Crossing in Tomball with Michael and Mike. 8:00 show for tickets
Dec. 16th @Ovations in Houston on Kirby in the Village. A Songwriter Show with details to come.
Last but not least!
Dec. 31st our annual show at Anderson Fair!
I wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Peace on Earth, Shake