Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Last week we played “The Red Dragon “
in Baton Rouge, Jim Watson’s “The Gathering” of music lovers at The Racket Club
in Lake Charles,and at Big Rich’s Courvilles Club.  It became a supper club for the evening
for our show.  It was a wonderful way to start our trip for a stop in Beaumont and then on to
Louisiana. Thanks Big Rich for the opportunity to play at your legendary club.  Next time I'm
buying a ticket to win a gun like Hayes Carl  did .......All three shows were great listening room venues with good music loving folk running them. We had a good turnout at all three shows.
It was a great way to play in Louisiana. I met a lot of new people and I heard a bunch of stories,
even a joke about Jay’s Lounge and Cockpit. I got a few new ideas, input, and details to work into
our song, “Loser’s Gumbo”. As a result, the introduction to the song will no doubt grow a little longer.

We came back home to Texas on Saturday evening and played a private birthday party in Lago Vista out on Lake Travis on Sunday. We were celebrating Peyton's Sweeney's 70th birthday.  Many people dancing, partying, the sun was setting, the sky slowly changing colors. We were singing “Deep in the West”...together we’re one, divided we’re through.....when I look to my left and see
someone, the club's manager standing next to Michael, looming ominously, I try to wrap up the song and he is saying you have to stop because a neighbor had called and complained and threatened to call the police to shut us down. It was 6:30 pm??? Barely dark??? So, we stopped. Sorry Peyton and Maggie.  They should have told her the sound ordinance was 10:00 PM, not 6:00.  I haven’t had the police called on me since I was a teenager playing too loud in the garage.  It brought back fond memories on the drive home.

This Thursday night March 1st, Michael Hearne, Mike Roberts, and I will
be picking and singing at HILL’S CAFE on South Congress as part of a tribute to
our friend Lane Gosney who is the founder of The Bugle Boy and brings live music to the community of La Grange. We love playing The Bugle Boy. It is like a small church of music. Thanks Lane. We start at Hill’s Cafe at 7:45 pm and end at 9:00.  Come on out, have dinner, sit outside and listen to music! Experience a night of old Austin. It sounds good to me.

Saturday night March 3, I celebrate a New CD Release, ”Chasing The Song”@POOR DAVID’S
PUB in Dallas,TX. 9:30 pm
. This is my 30th release in my musical career of 45+ years!  
Special guests: Don Richmond is flying in from Alamosa to add his musical talents to this event .    And, The Bill Hearne Trio is opening at 8:30.  Doors at 7:30.  All the reserved seats in the first three rows are gone but there are plenty of general admission seats available. This will be a very special musical evening I’m looking forward to. If you live in the Dallas area, come on out. You won’t want to miss this. There will be some mighty, mighty picking going on with Michael Hearne and his Uncle Bill as well!

Hope to see you there.  Peace