Thursday, September 3, 2020




I am up early today thinking about my “Streaming From The Sanctuary” show coming up this evening.  I have been knocking the dust off some tunes I haven’t played in a long while. I am also recalling the past several days of traveling and making music.  Last Saturday night I performed my first successful livestream concert from Poor David’s Pub in Dallas.  I was allowed to invite a few quests for a private streaming and it was nice having a few people in the audience to sing to.  Due to its success, I will return for an encore performance in October.  Hopefully, we can build an online audience in the Dallas area and everywhere else.  Thanks to all of you who tuned in.  Watch David’s calendar for my October date.

The following Sunday evening, I played a private 50th Wedding Anniversary at the home of Ken and Esther Emory in San Antonio.  They are long time fans, who absolutely love live music concerts and they said they have been to many of my shows.  It is a passion of theirs to hear and support live music.  Like so many, they have been locked in from the pandemic and recent health issues. Their son Joel contacted us and arranged for a surprise concert for his parents.  Since they can’t venture out these days, he wanted to bring the show to them.  I am “Songs on Wheels” and I will bring a tune to you!!!  I played for a couple of ours taking their requests and answering questions about their songs about the songs. It was fun and casual.  Dee and I had a wonderful time meeting and visiting with Ken and Esther and being a part of their celebration.  Happy 50th Anniversary.

This past Tuesday, I hosted “All My Ducks in a Row Show” at the Duck, my weekly in-residency show, every Tuesday at 7:00 PM.  We had a sellout show of 12 people!  Yea!  You know there is nothing like real live folks to play for!!  We also had hundreds more watching and listening online on Facebook and on the Mucky Duck’s YouTube channel.  Thanks everyone!  Indeed, these Tuesdays are feeling like a Friday night!

Also of note, “Michael Hearne’s Big Barn Dance 2020” will be made available by digital streaming.  There are three nights of concerts September 10, 11 and 12th.  You may tune in and watch the concerts each night.  I sent three songs for my  portion of the event, recorded at The Duck in Houston and now through the magic of “Wifi-sci-fi”, Michael Hearne will join me on a divided screen and be jamming and singing along with me.  I have got to see this!  It sounds pretty cool!  Find out more on the Barn Dance lineup and how to watch on their website.  I hope you will tune in! That brings up back to tonight, Sept. 3rd, “STREAMING FROM THE SANCTUARY”.  I hope you will tune in on my Facebook page– downbeat at 7:00 PM.  I will be taking requests. There is never a over and you may come as you are!  However, if you enjoy the show and wish to tip, tips are welcome. or!

Peace Shake