Friday, December 2, 2016

One more month to go!
Back from the Thanksgiving break up at the “Annandale Ranch” near Uvalde and Concan, TX. It was hosted by the owners Paul and Sharon McQuone who are good friends with my old friends from Dallas, Michael and Ahbie Coghlin. Michael and Ahbie invited us to join them, along with their daughters Heather and Lindsey, husbands Michael and John, grand babies, 18 months and 11 days, and 10 year old granddaughter Lilly,  to be part of their holiday celebration.  It was a beautiful way to spend Thanksgiving.  Paul and Sharon own the ranch and are stewards of the land and of this old family heirloom ranch. The ranch was established in 1889.  It is   historically registered and recognized by the state of Texas. The ranch sits on 10,000 acres (originally 64,000 acres).  It’s the home of the largest bat cave in Texas. Even bigger than Austin’s bat population.  The bats have gone down to Mexico but we explored the cave and learned a little history.   Back during the Civil war the Confederate army gathered and used bat guano mixed with fertilizer which is very rich in nitrogen and was used in making gunpowder. They mixed it there at the cave site, then took it by wagons to Galveston where it would be loaded on ships and sailed along the gulf and around Florida to the southern ports to the Confederate troops. The Union army knew it was somewhere in Texas and were always trying to find its location.  It was quite a history lesson.  I was  also given a tour by Paul of the museum which is housed in a  log cabin. The cabin had been taken apart at its original site miles away and floated down the river to its present location where it was reassembled by Paul’s great, great, grandmother. The cabin is now used as a museum for the ranch.  

One could spend many hours looking at everything, all the old rifles, pistols, hats, uniforms, bugles, and photographs of people and life there at the turn of the century. There were documents, release papers from service in the army signed by Abraham Lincoln, even items that belonged to Davy Crockett and hundreds of old books and antiques of all kinds.  Like I said, I could have spent many more hours there.

The log cabin ‘museum' sits  a just a few yards off from the main house.  Walking through the main house (which is over 100 years old) is like traveling back in time. The home is furnished with much of the original furniture and pictures of the family  history lining the walls.   There is also a long porch that wraps around three sides of the house which provides a relaxing place to sit and watch the world unfold and to reflect and to count your blessings on this Thanksgiving.  Thank you.

We headed home on Saturday, rested the ponies, watered the plants, and played the iconic Gruene Hall on Sunday with Michael Hearne and Mike Roberts. It was our last show of the year at Gruene.   We had a fantastic turnout for the show and a great audience response. Everyone stayed to the end and still wanted more!  Gruene Hall is always a fun gig for everyone…both playing and listening and dancing.  Thank you Tracie Ferguson!  We will see you there next year.

Then…we set the GPS for Houston on Monday.  Tuesday night we performed at the home of Jerry Simon for a gathering of the Board of Directors of the Junior Achievement Association.  I’ll tell you what, we were a little concerned before we played.  We were sitting out back by the cement pond and pondering that perhaps this crowd (all the bigwigs and such) wouldn’t care for or want to listen to what we were offering up musically. After all, this was a huge cocktail party,  a meet and greet kind of atmosphere. This was not a concert vibe situation at all. We were merely the added attraction and entertainment. Mike Roberts and I, along with John Inmon,  kicked off the set of music. We were determined to ‘play it by ear’ and ‘read the crowd.’  In a very short time all of the CEO’S and their wives were all taping their feet, smiling, and dancing in their chairs and some shouting out requests. Our host, Jerry Simon, joined in on a few songs on his grand piano and for a moment we became the Jerry Simon Band. Jerry also allowed me to play his gorgeous Taylor 12 string guitar.. Whoa! I know what I want for Christmas. The night was a GREAT SUCCESS!
I drove home feeling good.

Miranda Lambert’s new CD, “The Weight of These Wings” is at NUMBER ONE on the Billboard Country Charts!  Go get ‘em Miranda!    Hey!  Where’s the champagne?

OK!  Sorry I digress….Where was I?…Back to work….This Saturday we will be down in Pearland, TX.  for a house concert at the home of Rick and Delma Schriever.  It’s the only place I’ve had the cops called on me since I was 16. The last time was when my band was trying to play “HUSH” by Deep Purple, just a little too loud for a school night and they shut us down.  At Rick and Delma’s they did give us a warning, stuck around, had some desserts, and stayed to enjoy the encore! Weather permitting we’ll be out in the backyard this time under the stars!  If not, we’ll move the show inside and get ‘up close and personal’. Hey Rick…I’m knocking the dust off of “Pretty As A Picture” for this show….so….you better be ready to jam, man.

Before I go….I want to mention Michael, Mike and I will be back in Austin this coming Monday night for ‘Mystery Monday’ at El Mercado.  Usually hosted by Christine Albert but she will be away this Monday Dec. 5th …music from 7:30-9:30 PM.
Come on out, join the fun on a Monday evening.  Good  food too.

I hope to see you all there.

PS.  NEW YEARS EVE @Anderson Fair.  Make your reservations now.! 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Weight of These Wings” Miranda Lambert’s brand new CD was released last Friday. It’s her first new release in three years and it’s a double set CD. Twenty four new songs and she recorded one of my tunes. "You Wouldn’t Know Me". Miranda you nailed it! As a songwriter what a thrill it is to hear one of your songs recorded, produced, arranged, and performed at this level. It’s major league stuff. AND….She kicks butt on it! I can’t wait for an opportunity to meet her and thank her and find out how and where she heard the song. It’s definitely very inspiring and encouraging. I’m walking on cloud nine. Thank you Miranda. I guess I'm going to have to put the ‘warhorse ' back into the set list.
We actually broke the song out yesterday at “T Bone Tom’s” down in Kemah, TX. It got a good response from the crowd. Michael Hearne and Mike Roberts and I played from 5-9pm on Sunday and had a fun time and good turnout of folks. There were even a few little folks up front by the stage singing along and dancing to the music. They have pretty dang good food there too!
Back on Friday night we played for “The Nocona Nights Concert Series” in Nocona, TX. It’s in North Texas close to Oklahoma People really love music up there and drive for miles around to support the live music series. We have performed there several times before. It’s always a pleasure and a very rewarding experience. They’re some of the nicest people you will ever meet and It is always well worth the trip. Thank you Dennis McBroom for running sound for us, thanks to W. R. and Patty Tucker and thank you to the Murray's, Clint and Dee Brown as well as Eileen and Carl Hearne for your great hospitality.

Saturday we traveled back down to La Grange to visit “The Bugle Boy." It was a sold out show plus a live streaming of the show on the internet. It was seen and heard around the world. We were receiving requests from Alaska and Hawaii.
Sunday afternoon before I went to T Bone Tom’s, I stopped by Anderson Fair to sing a couple of songs at Elizabeth Foster’s Memorial service. There was a beautiful eulogy given by Rachel Ferguson. Elizabeth’s long time love and my old friend Jeff Long asked me if I could be there and sing two of Elizabeth’s favorite songs, “Two Silver Hearts” and “Traveling Texas”. There were many friends and family there, and many musicians friends to perform as well, Bill Ward, Ken Gaines and many more, in memory of Elizabeth. God bless you Jeff. And thank you Tim Leatherwood for having it at Anderson Fair! We love you Jeff, and we love all of you who came out.
So after these past several shows and all the traveling Texas we’ve been doing, we’re winding down for a few days before Thanksgiving and then we are heading to the hill country for a few days near the Frio River, Annandale Ranch. We are going to chill with some good friends and family, Michael and Ahhvie and their girls Lindsey and Heather, and the new Grand Babies, and Paul and Sharon, and enjoy the holiday. It’s time just to relax and reflect and give thanks for all the blessings. Thankful we live in the greatest country in the world.
and live in Texas. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
See you up the road.

PS .
Oh yeah, I almost forgot…. Sunday right after Turkey Day, Michael Hearne and I, with Mike Roberts will be striking the band back up at Gruene Hall. We start at 5PM to 8:00PM. Come on out! Bring some friends! Never a cover on Sunday!
We hope to see you there.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

San Antonio   The Green House Concert     The Alamo Beer Company

Last Thursday night we performed at this newly located songwriter’s series. We had a good turnout for a rainy night. I want to thank Tom Wasson for bringing this series to the San Antonio area. We hope hope you folks in San Antone will support this venue.  We hope to return next season.

Friday we headed to the Houston area to play Anderson Fair.  It’s the iconic folk club of Houston.  I have a long history with the establishment and always enjoy playing this prestigious club.  We had a standing room only audience cheering us on!  We will be back at the Fair on New Years Eve, so if you haven’t made plans yet for the big night come on out and celebrate the new year in with us!!

Saturday we performed at Bill and Deanna Barnes House concert.  This was our return visit to their home series. and evidently their series is thriving. They have enlarged their home by knocking out a wall and making two smaller rooms into one large concert hall.  You know a venue is doing well and growing when people start knocking out walls!!  There was plenty of great food and all kinds of delicious desserts too!
You know, I love house concerts! Sunday we played a house warming/ back yard concert for Bryan and Andrea McCole. The invited about 100 friends and family.  We were set up on their back porch/patio and played our first set .  Everyone was out in the back yard in their lawn chairs, standing,  or sitting on large garden rocks, and  then…a few were dancing and swaying.  It was a blue sky, sunny fall afternoon…and then, just like the world series, the rain came and we had a rain delay.  They rolled out the tarps, and they ran for cover.  We stayed warmed up back in the locker room. The rain passed and the show continued. There was even a James Coney Food truck on site!
It was a nice, relaxed atmosphere and the perfect way to wrap up the four days of shows.
Then we were off until Wednesday Nov. 9th. where  we were performing at our 5th annual charity event in Houston  hosted by “Habitat for Horses".   The fundraiser was held at  Goode Co.  Armadillo Palace on Kirby in Houston. for information on this wonderful group. It was a great night of music and giving and they raised almost $80,000 for the horses they help.  I wish you could have been there.  See you soon,

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Back from Big D

Back from Big ‘D’…

I’m back home in Dripping Springs and very happy to be here.
I have a little time off from gigging, and I’m just taking care of business
around the homestead.  I’m catching up since we’ve been gone most of the
summer touring Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, and California promoting our new CDs,

Last week was another great  successful week of music . We played in Dallas at
Poor David’s Pub last Friday night.  It was a fantastic turnout of friends and fans,
old and new, quite a few of Michael Hearne’s old high school mates even
showed up to cheer him on. Our audiences seems to be growing every time we play
at ‘Davids’.  I think perhaps radio airplay @ KNON of  CD’s is helping bring people
out to the shows.Thank you all for coming out and supporting live music in the Dallas area.
Thank you David Card! We’ll return to Poor David’s next March, along with Michael’s Uncle Bill Hearne, to help David celebrate 40 years of bringing music to ‘Big D’. Don’t worry I’ll remind you again early next year.

Saturday night we headed South and played in Pearland, TX.  Mona Cabler and James Adams  hosted their first house concert  to benefit  United Against Human Trafficking. We played outside and it was
a beautiful night with perfect fall weather. Folks showed up to give their support to the cause.There was food, wine, desserts, dogs, pumpkins, and inside their home was an ’art gallery’, drawing for prizes, and of course…music. Everyone had a good time and there was talk of us returning next year for another house concert on the lawn benefiting  Now that is what I call  grass roots music.

To top off last week….Last Monday night I came home after performing with George Ensle
at Poodies Hilltop Saloon.  Dee had a big old grin on her face, and she looked like she was
about to bust out of her chair from excitement!  She said Miranda Lambert had recorded my song
“You Wouldn’t Know Me” on her new CD “The Weight of These Wings” coming out in November!
Wow! Talk about one heck of a birthday present…Thank you, thank you Miranda!!  I’m waiting to hear the story of how and where she heard the song, but I’m just glad she did, and she liked it enough to put it on her new record. I can’t wait to hear her version of the tune! I bet it kicks butt!  Hey, check it out and pre-order your copy today!

Stay tuned,

Friday, October 21, 2016

Camp Leaky@H.E B.Foundation Park  Saturday, October 15, 2016

Last night we played a show out in Leaky, beautiful Echo Valley, for a re-union of hundreds of counselors whom had volunteered and served at the camp,one time or another, over the past 40 plus years.There were folks there my age who had volunteered at the camp back in the 80’s, along with their 18/19 year old sons and daughters who are now counselors themselves.  My song “Deep in the West” has been the camp’s theme song over the past several decades. It’s always, always, played as the last song of the camp dance.  It’s even in the camp’s song book. Throughout all these years of performing around Texas, every now and then someone will come up after a show, somewhere, and say they know my song ‘Deep in the West' from the time they had been camp volunteers at Laity Lodge and had sang the song or danced to it.  It’s always nice to hear that and their thank you’s for having written the song.  This has been going on for years…Well last Saturday night it all came together and the stars aligned….

I was the  ’surprise guest’ for the end of the party and dance.  I think the kids were hoping the guest was Justin Beiber or Miley Ctrus,
but their parents thought it might be me.   We were to perform my song and their song, “DEEP IN THE WEST” and then carry on into a set of music for everyone.  As we began to play the song people gathered in front of us.  Some danced and some stood or simply sat and sang along.  As we finished the song the crowd went… WILD….  I mean CRAZY….
Bananas!… W I L D!!!   It was like I had scored the winning touch down at the super bowl;  As if I’d just hit a walk off homer in the bottom of the 9th, game 7 of the world series!  The steady roar and cheers from everyone seemed to go on and on, for over a good very long  while. Michael Hearne turned to me, laughed and said, “It’s just like the Beatles!”  WOW!

Thank you Brian for asking me to be there for the event,  and all of you who love the song so much!  It’s a moment I’ll long remember for the rest of my life.  What an awesome tribute to the song, and how much and for how long it has been an important song to all of you at the camp. I thank you all for such a unbelievable opportunity   I'm so proud to be a small part of your group of wonderful, good hearted souls, who help so many young people along their way in life.

God Bless you all and may you carry on the good work for decades to come.


Sunday, October 16, 2016


I’m back home and glad to be, recovering from our meandering trip home from California. We had a great time seeing the sights… the Grand Canyon, Sacred Sedona, and all the points in-between.  What a memorable journey it was. The Grand Canyon was a jaw dropping magnitude of wonder and beauty Sedona…a valley surrounded by gigantic mountains of red rock shooting up from the earth. 

We stumbled upon an historic restaurant called “The Relic” where I enjoyed a delicious birthday 
di nner with Dee.  After wards we took a tour of the historic building. The place was built in the thirties and even has an in house ghost happening there.  Back in the day, many Hollywood stars, while in Sedona area making movies, dined there and downed a few cocktails in the saloon in next room over from the dining area.  If anyone is ever in Sedona check it out.  I highly recommend the food, and the warm ambiance  of the establishment.  You’ll  enjoy the hospitality of the owner,  Mr. Jerry De Salvo. as he greets you at the front door when you  enter the restaurant. Google it and check it out online!  It’s a very cool place.

 I’ll tell you, with all the panoramic vistas, red rock cliffs, and painted desert, I felt like I was riding in an old John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart western movie.  I could see the wagon train rolling and the Calvary riding in the distance. Many of the old westerns were filmed out in this neck of the country. This is the heart of the Navajo Nation, encompassing an area equal to the size of West Virginia. The home of the Navajo, Hopi, Zuni people. We were traveling through the middle of it.

On up the road we pulled into a little whistle stop called Winslow, Arizona.  I  even stood out on the corner in Winslow, Arizona, looking for the girl in the flat bed Ford. I didn’t see her, but I did see a lot of other people. The corner I was standing on was right on Route 66 which runs through the heart of  the town.  There was a classic car convention/congregation partying in town while we were there.  There were a bunch of ‘baby boomers’ ( like myself ), with all the beautifully restored and refurbished early 1960’s Corvettes.   Other vintage automobiles were also parked on the side streets.
There was quite a crowd gathered all there celebrating Route 66, and waiting for a photo op next to a statue of Jackson Browne and Glenn Frey.  ‘The Eagle’s Greatest Hits ‘ album playing from a corner souvenir store providing the perfect soundtrack for the surrealistic moment. Yes, I was definitely …’taking it easy.’

As the sun was sitting in the West we headed on up the highway towards New Mexico.  We circled the wagon for the night in Gallup, NM then we galloped out of there bright and early the next morning, making our way home to the Texas State line.

So Adios California,  Bye, Bye Arizona! and Howdy Texas!
Now it is time to re- string and polish the guitar, get back to work and get ready for the upcoming show.  Next one is Poodies in Spicewood this Monday night, Oct. 17th with George Ensle.  So please stay tuned!  I’ll see you all soon, somewhere in Texas.


P .S.   On arriving home, I received more updates and good news on airplay my new CD: “” This Little Bright Band of Light”, and my new CD with Michael Hearne, “Only As Strong As Your Dreams” are getting in Germany.  My solo CD is also number three out of top ten CD’s being downloaded on music website.  The Original Texas and Red Dirt Country Music Source.

Onward and upward we climb.

Monday, October 10, 2016

BY THE TIME WE GET TO PHOENIX…We still have a ways to go!

I must admit at my advanced age…I’ve never driven to California.  I’ve flown over that part of the country many, many times, but never put the pedal to the metal on I-10 West or checked out route 66…you know…really see this part of our country. Since we had a couple of dates booked in California, I thought it’s time to scratch one off the ‘bucket list’. So, we left Spring, TX. and we took off and landed in Las Cruces, NM the first night and into Arizona and through the Sonora Desert  and then on to the California state line the next day.  Friday morning we made our way across the desert and… v e r y…. s l o w l y… through Los Angeles and up highway 101 (VENTURA HIGHWAY).  It felt like… if you can imagine… like driving from Houston to Dallas in bumper to bumper traffic, stop and go  on I-45 all the way!  “If I can just get off of this LA. freeway without getting killed or caught…”

We made it!!  Well, here I sit on a cliff overlooking the mighty Pacific ocean in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA. We arrived in Santa Barbara Friday evening, just in time for a barbecue  dinner “at the point” and watching a wonderful sunset
settle over the ocean.  After dinner we built a bonfire and Michael, Don Richmond and I picked a few tunes around the  campfire. Good food and great people!  I’ve only been in California for a day and I swear my hair’s turning blonde.
I woke this morning humming beach boy songs!  Yep…I’m California dreaming.

On Saturday night we played  a venue in Thousand Oaks, CA, hosted by old friend Steve Brogden.  And it was magical.  We had a decent audience  for a couple of unknown Texans. Saturday evening we played  a sunset, house concert on ocean front property in Santa
Barbara hosted by Suzanne and Ross. What a magnificent home estate they have overlooking  the Pacific.
Thanks you for your hospitality and making us feel welcome.

Monday we are heading  home to the place I love best!  TEXAS!!!  On the way back we’re going to check out the Grand Canyon, and also that corner in Winslow, Arizona that I’ve heard so much about, then down to Sedona, for a little ‘spiritual awakening’ sacred place and then over and through the painted desert and the petrified forest on our way back thru to New Mexico and Texas.

Going back to Houston, Houston, Houston.

See you soon.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

After the Show at The Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe

Mike Roberts and I had a great show Saturday night in Galveston.  The Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe was packed wall to wall.  Thank you for coming out.  Even Wrecks Bell showed up for the night to introduce us and crack a few one liners, first time since his stroke and we were honored.  Wrecks has turned the keys and reins to the club over to a new young couple.  He and Janet will still be in the picture, kind of like the King and Queen of England, they will make appearances and wave to the crowd from time to time.
This Thursday night, Sept. 29, Michael Hearne, Mike Roberts and I will be at  McGonigels Mucky Duck in Houston.  Showtime is 7:30
Friday night, Sept. 30, The trio is at the Rock Room in Austin.There are two shows 6pm and 8pm. The 8pm  show is sold out,  but there are still seats for the 6pm show. For reservations or more information,  please email  
This Saturday night we are off to Kerrville,TX. for a house warming party out in the beautiful hill country.  It doesn't get much better than this!  It’s going to be a busy long weekend and full of music.  Life is good.

Next week we head west to California for a couple of shows in Ventura and Santa Barbara.  We're looking forward to spending a couple of days along side the Pacific Ocean before we head back home to Texas and catching some sites on the way back we have never seen.  I'll keep you posted as we head west and keep you up to snuff on what we are doing and our where-a-bouts!   Heading Deep in the West, stay tuned…   Shake