Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Weight of These Wings” Miranda Lambert’s brand new CD was released last Friday. It’s her first new release in three years and it’s a double set CD. Twenty four new songs and she recorded one of my tunes. "You Wouldn’t Know Me". Miranda you nailed it! As a songwriter what a thrill it is to hear one of your songs recorded, produced, arranged, and performed at this level. It’s major league stuff. AND….She kicks butt on it! I can’t wait for an opportunity to meet her and thank her and find out how and where she heard the song. It’s definitely very inspiring and encouraging. I’m walking on cloud nine. Thank you Miranda. I guess I'm going to have to put the ‘warhorse ' back into the set list.
We actually broke the song out yesterday at “T Bone Tom’s” down in Kemah, TX. It got a good response from the crowd. Michael Hearne and Mike Roberts and I played from 5-9pm on Sunday and had a fun time and good turnout of folks. There were even a few little folks up front by the stage singing along and dancing to the music. They have pretty dang good food there too!
Back on Friday night we played for “The Nocona Nights Concert Series” in Nocona, TX. It’s in North Texas close to Oklahoma People really love music up there and drive for miles around to support the live music series. We have performed there several times before. It’s always a pleasure and a very rewarding experience. They’re some of the nicest people you will ever meet and It is always well worth the trip. Thank you Dennis McBroom for running sound for us, thanks to W. R. and Patty Tucker and thank you to the Murray's, Clint and Dee Brown as well as Eileen and Carl Hearne for your great hospitality.

Saturday we traveled back down to La Grange to visit “The Bugle Boy." It was a sold out show plus a live streaming of the show on the internet. It was seen and heard around the world. We were receiving requests from Alaska and Hawaii.
Sunday afternoon before I went to T Bone Tom’s, I stopped by Anderson Fair to sing a couple of songs at Elizabeth Foster’s Memorial service. There was a beautiful eulogy given by Rachel Ferguson. Elizabeth’s long time love and my old friend Jeff Long asked me if I could be there and sing two of Elizabeth’s favorite songs, “Two Silver Hearts” and “Traveling Texas”. There were many friends and family there, and many musicians friends to perform as well, Bill Ward, Ken Gaines and many more, in memory of Elizabeth. God bless you Jeff. And thank you Tim Leatherwood for having it at Anderson Fair! We love you Jeff, and we love all of you who came out.
So after these past several shows and all the traveling Texas we’ve been doing, we’re winding down for a few days before Thanksgiving and then we are heading to the hill country for a few days near the Frio River, Annandale Ranch. We are going to chill with some good friends and family, Michael and Ahhvie and their girls Lindsey and Heather, and the new Grand Babies, and Paul and Sharon, and enjoy the holiday. It’s time just to relax and reflect and give thanks for all the blessings. Thankful we live in the greatest country in the world.
and live in Texas. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
See you up the road.

PS .
Oh yeah, I almost forgot…. Sunday right after Turkey Day, Michael Hearne and I, with Mike Roberts will be striking the band back up at Gruene Hall. We start at 5PM to 8:00PM. Come on out! Bring some friends! Never a cover on Sunday!
We hope to see you there.

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  1. Hated to miss the La Grange show but definitely planning to see you at Gruene Hall. Your friend, Humdaddy!