Sunday, October 16, 2016


I’m back home and glad to be, recovering from our meandering trip home from California. We had a great time seeing the sights… the Grand Canyon, Sacred Sedona, and all the points in-between.  What a memorable journey it was. The Grand Canyon was a jaw dropping magnitude of wonder and beauty Sedona…a valley surrounded by gigantic mountains of red rock shooting up from the earth. 

We stumbled upon an historic restaurant called “The Relic” where I enjoyed a delicious birthday 
di nner with Dee.  After wards we took a tour of the historic building. The place was built in the thirties and even has an in house ghost happening there.  Back in the day, many Hollywood stars, while in Sedona area making movies, dined there and downed a few cocktails in the saloon in next room over from the dining area.  If anyone is ever in Sedona check it out.  I highly recommend the food, and the warm ambiance  of the establishment.  You’ll  enjoy the hospitality of the owner,  Mr. Jerry De Salvo. as he greets you at the front door when you  enter the restaurant. Google it and check it out online!  It’s a very cool place.

 I’ll tell you, with all the panoramic vistas, red rock cliffs, and painted desert, I felt like I was riding in an old John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart western movie.  I could see the wagon train rolling and the Calvary riding in the distance. Many of the old westerns were filmed out in this neck of the country. This is the heart of the Navajo Nation, encompassing an area equal to the size of West Virginia. The home of the Navajo, Hopi, Zuni people. We were traveling through the middle of it.

On up the road we pulled into a little whistle stop called Winslow, Arizona.  I  even stood out on the corner in Winslow, Arizona, looking for the girl in the flat bed Ford. I didn’t see her, but I did see a lot of other people. The corner I was standing on was right on Route 66 which runs through the heart of  the town.  There was a classic car convention/congregation partying in town while we were there.  There were a bunch of ‘baby boomers’ ( like myself ), with all the beautifully restored and refurbished early 1960’s Corvettes.   Other vintage automobiles were also parked on the side streets.
There was quite a crowd gathered all there celebrating Route 66, and waiting for a photo op next to a statue of Jackson Browne and Glenn Frey.  ‘The Eagle’s Greatest Hits ‘ album playing from a corner souvenir store providing the perfect soundtrack for the surrealistic moment. Yes, I was definitely …’taking it easy.’

As the sun was sitting in the West we headed on up the highway towards New Mexico.  We circled the wagon for the night in Gallup, NM then we galloped out of there bright and early the next morning, making our way home to the Texas State line.

So Adios California,  Bye, Bye Arizona! and Howdy Texas!
Now it is time to re- string and polish the guitar, get back to work and get ready for the upcoming show.  Next one is Poodies in Spicewood this Monday night, Oct. 17th with George Ensle.  So please stay tuned!  I’ll see you all soon, somewhere in Texas.


P .S.   On arriving home, I received more updates and good news on airplay my new CD: “” This Little Bright Band of Light”, and my new CD with Michael Hearne, “Only As Strong As Your Dreams” are getting in Germany.  My solo CD is also number three out of top ten CD’s being downloaded on music website.  The Original Texas and Red Dirt Country Music Source.

Onward and upward we climb.

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