Monday, June 29, 2020

"Necessity is the mother of invention"

Well, looks like it will be necessary for me to find another way to
play and present my music in the near future, at least for a while longer.
The second wave is now in place and upon us in Texas, and because of it,
there are not many live gigs being offered or to be had these days.
SO—Whoa there, Gypsy Silver!! The masked folk singer will not ride for
now.  I have put Gypsy Silver back in the stable, and it looks like we will not
be riding anywhere too far anytime soon.

will continue Thursday evenings at 7pm.  So far, I have done three
shows from home and there will be more. So please mark your calendar and
tune in. I love the feedback from all of you.

You know the ‘House Concert’ phenomenon began over 20 years ago.
And probably 75% of our shows are house concerts. They are a great format for
singer songwriters. Music lovers open their homes and friends and neighbors
come out to hear music, have some food for a little social get together. It is a
wonderful way to play music for folks.  I find a lot of people prefer this
atmosphere to a club setting or having to drive into the city to hear music.
The size of an audience can vary from anywhere between 60-200.  Usually 60-100 
but,we have played one for 200 (a very large home)  Like I said, I have played many enjoyable
intimate settings, but It was always in someone else’s home. Now I am doing house 
concerts from my home to yours and for now, the concept is working.

Just found out yesterday—
This Thursday July 2. Instead of performing from home,
I will be streaming from the Mucky Duck stage (my home away from home) .
I believe there will be a small audience allowed for this event. I look forward to
real people in the audience instead of my Styrofoam cut out audience I’ve been
forced to create. I look forward to seeing you. If you cannot attend, please
go to their web site to watch and listen in. I believe the show starts at 7pm

See you soon!
Thanks and stay tuned.

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