Thursday, September 1, 2016

I received an “update” from our label Howling Dog regarding airplay our three new CD’s are getting in UK, FRANCE, GERMANY, and on Dutch radio and other places in Europe. They sent various charts from various stations and programs. I thought someone was playing a joke on me and pulling my leg and having a little fun with me. But no, it was for real!!
The first chart I opened was from Dutch Radio SKAGENSEXPRESSEN chart…106.4FM. was listed in large letters at the top of the chart as the ‘ARTIST OF THE WEEK’: 28,08 2016. Not only that, but I had five songs in their stations top ten songs. Five songs! I mean not one or two but five!
Just like the Beatles back in the day! WOW!

Number 4 was “At the Speed of Love”…number 5 “Kicking Up Gold Dust”, (from “Dreaming the Mystery”) Number 6… “I Love the Wind”, number 7… “The Girl just Loves to Dance”, and at number 9……“The Highway is a Friend of Mine” co-written with Michael Hearne and on his "Red River Dreams"!!!!! That’s fantastic and exciting news! Five of the top 10 songs. That's unheard of on the radio in this day and age!
On the “COUNTRY STEW” Euro Americana Chart ’The King of the Honky Tonk is Gone” is number 8 and “So Late So Soon” is listed at number 23. Other stations around Europe are all choosing different songs to play from the three different CDs. Michael’s Solo “RED RIVER DREAMS” and my solo CD “LITTLE BRIGHT BAND OF LIGHT”, and from our Duo CD“ONLY AS STRONG AS YOUR DREAMS”. So it’s really cool we’re getting a whole lot of airplay over there!Hopefully if we continue to get more airplay as we go along, we will be able to put together a trip and tour across the pond next year. We will see how it unfolds over the next few months. I Just wanted to share the good news with everyone.
We had two great shows at Anderson Fair last weekend. Our regular great Friday night with fans, old and new and a private party on Saturday night with some old fans and some new fans! Can't beat that! This Sunday…LABOR DAY WEEKEND….I‘ll be out at BERNHARDT’S Winery( out in Plantersville, Tx Hiway 105.) for my annual Labor Day Show! Come on out and enjoy a beautiful Sunday afternoon and evening under the trees with a glass of wine, some food, and listen to music for a few hours .and maybe even dance and enjoy the “Sun Down toast” led by Jerry and Jerri Bernhardt. And, come early for the Grape Stomp!!!! 4:00 for the stomp and 6:30 for music! for all the details!
For this show Mike Roberts and I will be joined by legendary guitarist JOHN INMON, so we will be rocking and rolling.
OK! ALL RIGHT! GOOD DEAL! I hope to see you there.

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