Thursday, September 22, 2016


Last Saturday night we played at Bob Moore’s House Concert in Riverside,TX.  The theme this year was Bob’s full moon Luau party. There were Hawaiian shirts everywhere(Jimmy Buffet land) and colorful leis were handed out as you came into the events entrance.  I laughed and thought to myself, Hey, I just got leid at Bob’s Luau
There’s a song there somewhere or at least a  tee shirt or bumper sticker! There were palm trees, grass skirts, a tiki totem, surf boards, Blue Hawaii. It was an island night in Riverside!  We all sang along on “Tiny Bubbles”.  I felt like I was channeling Don Ho.   There were guests singing with me on the song: Bob Dylan,  Elvis, Dean Martin, Walter Brennan all joined in on a verse. Mike Roberts wrote an ode to the event called "Luau on the Lake",  which he performed on the Ukulele.

During intermission we had a really ‘special guest' performer…
80 year young hula dancer Ms. Shirley Stroud charmed the audience with her beautiful and lovely authentic Hawaiian hula dancing.  It was the perfect touch to the night.

Into our second set, as the evening grew later, even a conga line broke out led by Father James '‘more cowbell’’ Carroll.I think I even saw a limbo bar too!  Annette and Frankie were doing the limbo rock!  Anyway, it wasn’t our usual house concert to say the least, but it was  a lot of fun and one to remember and to tell you about!! How we all got leid at Bob’s Luau.  Thank you Bob, Teri, Larry, James and Sandy for all the work you put into turning Bob’s backyard into paradise and  making it a memorable night of fun and music for everyone!

THIS FRIDAY NIGHT, Sept. 23…. We’re back in Austin.  Michael Hearne,  Mike Roberts and I will be at The Strange Brew Coffee House .  It’s a great venue in South Austin for live music.   The club has great sound and up close intimate sitting.  Our show starts at 8pm. There are still seats left! I hope to see you there!

SATURDAY NIGHT, Sept. 24th  we’re heading down to Galveston for a show  at The Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe.  Wrecks is selling the place, so this may be our last show there.  We’ll sure miss Janet and Wrecks and all the love they poured into that beloved establishment !  We hope the new owners will continue bringing music to the island!
 Come on down to the Island.     Aloha!  Shake

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