Thursday, June 6, 2019


Hey! What’s Going On: OK folks, I know it’s been a while since you
last heard from me. I apologize, but I’ve been busy playing all sorts
of concerts, allover Texas the past several months.Spring sprang and
sprung and all of a sudden I look up and summertime is walking around
the corner. I have also been writing and recording new songs with Michael
Hearne @John Inmon’s Studio. So expect some new music this year!

Past Live Shows:
Last month we played the Kessler neighborhood fundraiser up in Dallas to
help raise funding to fight City Hall for my old friend Michael Coghlan. His 
neighborhood is fighting with a nearby, encroaching, agreement breaking
hospital, trying to expand into their neighborhood. We volunteered to help out
and entertain everyone for this event. We sat up on the patio roof top over the 
garage and played to the par-tiers on the lawn below. We were “The Second 
Story Men” for the evening. We opened  with “Up On The Roof” and closed
with “Rain on the Roof”. The evening was a success! The fight carries on. They 
raised $9,000 with their auction! Glad we could be part of the resistance!!

A couple of weeks ago we performed at Sandy Frey’s first house concert she
has hosted in several years. There was a brand new stage built for the occasion
and lights strung across the trees to welcome guests who arrived.There was an
air of celebration in a magical setting. Weather was threatening but cooperated
and held back for the show. It was also a 90th birthday salute and celebration to
Sandy’s mom Ms. Betty Frey. A huge “Happy Birthday” banner donned the stage,
relatives from all over, as far away as Cincinnati, Illinois, Iowa were there; along
with the regular music lovers on Sandy’s email list to enjoy the evening and the
music and wish Betty the very best on her most memorable birthday. Thank you
Sandy, Kathy, Steve and Bob for all your hard work.

The Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe in Galveston was standing room only! Michael Hearne
and I jammed through the night. I saw several old friends and did a little time tripping
too.  It was a good, satisfying drive home.

On Memorial Day weekend -Sunday-the Trio played to over 400 people @Bernhardt
Winery in Plantersville, TX. It was a beautiful afternoon in the natural little amphitheater.
It was 90 degrees but a breeze was blowing and the canopy of the trees provided
shade for all. There was a salute to Veterans and our flag before the music began, and
a ‘sunset toast’  led by Jerry and Jerri Bernhardt. The dance floor was full all evening long.
Dogs ran free too!

Our return concert at The 4STAR Concert Hall In Brenham was a sellout show which was
also available for the first time on down stream for folks at home. Unfortunately Michael
Hearne was on grandpa duty business, awaiting the birth of his new grandchild and missed
the show. Mike Roberts and I carried on and the crowd was very supportive and sent Michael
congratulations and well wishes. Matthew Michael Naftis ....welcome to the world!! He arrived at
10:30 as we were just about closing the evening. Congratulations Sarah and Matt and Gramps.

The show on Saturday in Johnson City @The 290 Vinery was a full house of wine sipping,
music loving folk. Hey, even Grandpa made the show! It’s great to see this family run business
blossom and grow and everyone supporting it. We want to thank Mark Stevens, Warren, Alison,
and Susan, and all of you for coming out and making it possible.

The next afternoon I performed a solo unplugged concert at Julia and Randy Sulsor's beautiful
home in Elgin, TX. I played in their living room for about 60 people. No sound system no
microphone...just me and my guitar. It was almost like how I play at home except at home
I don’t have 60 people watching and listening. For me it is the most natural way to perform.

Also——-My solo shows at The Duck “Friday on a Tuesday night” have been well attended and
a lot of fun. I hope to have a few more over the summer. I will keep you updated on upcoming shows,
next one August 27th.  You can  check the Ducks website for more info. or for my live shows.

Shows Coming up:
This Saturday June 8 - The Trio is back, Michael Hearne and I with Mike Roberts will be returning to
McGonigel’s Mucky Duck. The Duck provides an intimate dinner theater setting, so come early and
have dinner, sit back and enjoy the music. Music starts at 7:30 pm. I hope to see you there.

On Sunday Michael Hearne and I head to New Braunfels  for a ‘Songwriter Show’ House Concert at
Cypress Woods House Concerts.   It will be an up front, close and personal, with lots of stories of
where songs came from, what inspired them, and wild tales from the road,kind of show. We will be
taking questions and notes. Doors at 4:15, music at 5:00 pm.  Shared meal between sets. Email to receive an invitation.  Email will be sent to confirm reservation
with specific address.  Suggested donation $20.00. Were gonna have some fun!
Peace,   Shake

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