Friday, March 10, 2017

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Big D little a Double L A S!

This Saturday night Michael Hearne, Mike Roberts and I pull into Dallas for “POOR DAVID’S PUB 40th Anniversary Bash. Yes, David Card has been bringing live music to the Dallas for the past 40 years.  I’ve been a part of it and have performed at the iconic Dallas music club for many of those years. We’re please to be there for the occasion. A special treat to add to the mix of this show will be Bill Hearne joining us for the evening.  Michael’s “Uncle Bill” is a legendary flat picking guitarist extraordinaire.  He taught Michael just about  everything He knows… so the story goes.  I’ll tell you folks, I’ve been listening to Bill since the early 70’s up in Austin, in the Bill and Bonnie Hearne Band. They were the first ones way back in the day to record one of my songs, “It’s So Hard to Find A Smile” on their 1973 album called ’SMILIN’. Anyway Bill’s the real deal! So be sure and arrive early enough to hear Bill’s opening set.  I am sure Michael will be ‘sitting in’ trading licks with him.  We’ll be hitting the stage around 9pm and doing two sets. You won’t want miss this I promise. Make plans now to come on out and bring some requests with you and help celebrate and thank David for the 40 years of music.  Music starts at 8 pm. for tickets.

SATURDAY… we are back in Austin at “The RawHide Trail Concert Series.”  We’ve performed several times at this house concert and always enjoy the experience.  The home concert has in the past has provided a masseuse with a chair/massage for a quick shoulder, neck, hands adjustment “back stage”.  What a treat, I hope that’s still part of the deal.  I’ll let you know how that turns out. Sorry, this show is already sold out I believe?  BUT…. for those of you who couldn’t get tickets for the RawHide Trail show, here’s some good news…Monday night March 13, Michael Hearne and I will be at The El Mercado Restaurant on First Street in South Austin “Where Austin is still weird!!!” There’s a touch of old Austin in the air, with good food, cold beer, old hippies, and good times and music everywhere.  Christine Albert hosts “Mystery Mondays”.  Michael and I will
be swapping songs with her and jamming with David and Tommy like we’re a band.  It’s always good fun, and off the cuff, kind of night. You just never know who might stop in and jump up on stage for a song. It’s a great way to spend a Monday evening.  It always puts a smile on my your face all the way home. Music is from 7:30-9:30pm!  The price is right… Never a cover! You’ll be home early.
SXSW is in A town Wednesday, March 15, Michael and I will be part of the Kerrville Folk Festival Showcase takeover of Threadgills South.  We go on at 2pm.  If you’re out and about drop by and check out a sample of the festivals performers.   Betty Soo, Guy Forsyth,  Billy Crockett,  Rachel Laven, Emily Scott Robinson, George Ensle, Melissa Greener, American Dreamer Gordy Quist and Ed Jurdi, The Flyin’ A’s and Los Texmaniacs and, of course, Michael and I and Mike Roberts!  Come on out!
I am going to wrap it up for now, but I hope to see you at one of the shows.  More on upcoming events to come.  Stay tuned
Thanks,  Shake

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