Thursday, September 3, 2020




I am up early today thinking about my “Streaming From The Sanctuary” show coming up this evening.  I have been knocking the dust off some tunes I haven’t played in a long while. I am also recalling the past several days of traveling and making music.  Last Saturday night I performed my first successful livestream concert from Poor David’s Pub in Dallas.  I was allowed to invite a few quests for a private streaming and it was nice having a few people in the audience to sing to.  Due to its success, I will return for an encore performance in October.  Hopefully, we can build an online audience in the Dallas area and everywhere else.  Thanks to all of you who tuned in.  Watch David’s calendar for my October date.

The following Sunday evening, I played a private 50th Wedding Anniversary at the home of Ken and Esther Emory in San Antonio.  They are long time fans, who absolutely love live music concerts and they said they have been to many of my shows.  It is a passion of theirs to hear and support live music.  Like so many, they have been locked in from the pandemic and recent health issues. Their son Joel contacted us and arranged for a surprise concert for his parents.  Since they can’t venture out these days, he wanted to bring the show to them.  I am “Songs on Wheels” and I will bring a tune to you!!!  I played for a couple of ours taking their requests and answering questions about their songs about the songs. It was fun and casual.  Dee and I had a wonderful time meeting and visiting with Ken and Esther and being a part of their celebration.  Happy 50th Anniversary.

This past Tuesday, I hosted “All My Ducks in a Row Show” at the Duck, my weekly in-residency show, every Tuesday at 7:00 PM.  We had a sellout show of 12 people!  Yea!  You know there is nothing like real live folks to play for!!  We also had hundreds more watching and listening online on Facebook and on the Mucky Duck’s YouTube channel.  Thanks everyone!  Indeed, these Tuesdays are feeling like a Friday night!

Also of note, “Michael Hearne’s Big Barn Dance 2020” will be made available by digital streaming.  There are three nights of concerts September 10, 11 and 12th.  You may tune in and watch the concerts each night.  I sent three songs for my  portion of the event, recorded at The Duck in Houston and now through the magic of “Wifi-sci-fi”, Michael Hearne will join me on a divided screen and be jamming and singing along with me.  I have got to see this!  It sounds pretty cool!  Find out more on the Barn Dance lineup and how to watch on their website.  I hope you will tune in! That brings up back to tonight, Sept. 3rd, “STREAMING FROM THE SANCTUARY”.  I hope you will tune in on my Facebook page– downbeat at 7:00 PM.  I will be taking requests. There is never a over and you may come as you are!  However, if you enjoy the show and wish to tip, tips are welcome. or!

Peace Shake

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

My Residency @ The Duck

I want to thank all of you who tuned in for my live streaming solo show at The Duck last Saturday night, July 11th.  We had over 160 people listening in who stayed with us through the concert.  Thanks for your donations to the tip jar.  I thought the Duck did a great job streaming the show, both on Facebook as well as their you-tube channel.  It looked and sounded great.  This was my third streaming show from the Duck stage and it was the very best one yet by far!  They have invested in good camera and equipment to bring you the best quality in streaming possible.  It is a learning experience for everyone dealing with the new norm.  Rusty and Teresa have been bringing music and food in a comfortable setting for 30 years and at the Red Lion before the Duck.  They, like many restaurants and clubs, are barely hanging on with all the challenges going on and finding new ways to stay afloat.  They do have an online kitchen service for curb pickup with all kinds of delicious special’s every day.  Go to for all info for food service as well as what they are doing to first responders.  They have an extensive wine list as well as cocktails to go!  Check it out for other upcoming shows.  They are experimenting and trying to find new ways to present and bring music to everyone.

Residency @ The Duck
Partially based on how much fun my resent solo show was, and the solo shows I had been doing on occasion before the first shutdown, which I had dubbed “Friday on a Tuesday Night”.  I did that because of the success of folks coming out in numbers on a Tuesday it felt like a weekend! Teresa, Rusty and I came up with the idea of me streaming my “Friday on a Tuesday night” concerts.  So, for a while, until things return normal, this will be “my residency @ the Duck.  Please mark it on your calendars.  Every Tuesday beginning July 21st I will be I concert live on The Duck Stage, taking requests, telling stories, playing songs.  After all, The Duck is my home away from home.  So, when Tuesday rolls around and thinking something to do, just remember, there is no need to go anywhere, tune in, sit back, relax and enjoy the music.
Speaking of home, my home streaming show will be happening again this Thursday, July 16 at 7:00 PM.  This show will be #6 from home!  It is turning into my own reality show with dogs chiming in occasionally.  You never know what is going to happen or who might be dropping by!  I have been rehearsing and working on songs for the show, some requests I haven’t done in a while.  So, for a while, every Tuesday and Thursday evening I will be performing from The Duck and from home.  These will be my two steady gigs every week.  I will keep you posted, and I will remind you all on Thursday about this weeks show.  Stop by for some dinner and dance music, never a cover charge, and come as you are!
Thanks, Peace

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

OK, this may look like an old post, but a paragraph got left out.  Dang, and this 
one is important!  I am going to re-post yesterdays post with the new one left out.  
Because maybe someone will be reading for the first time.  Stay tuned!

However I did get one more live show in last Saturdaywhen I played for
Becky Lloyd Thomas' 60th birthday party.Becky is a long long time fan,
and friend, of my music. She goes way back to the 70’s! I performed in her
front yard for family and a few friends and a few of her neighbors even stopped by
or sat in their driveways and listened.The party concert was also streamed 
to folks from the Fulshear House concert series (a wonderful house concert to play).
One of the extraordinary elements of the evening, and the party, were the
wild peacocks that roam the neighborhood. They were on the roof above me 
as I sang and played, and one perched on top of my car.  They added to the 
festivities and roamed freely everywhere throughout the hood. Definitely 
one to remember! We came home with a handful of feathers gifted to me by
Becky!  Shopping (online) for a vase to display them!  

Thanks Becky for inviting me to your party.  Also, you won the trophy for the
best "Rooster Crow"!
Another P.S., there will be no guests this Thursday at "The Duck", just live 
streaming, so tune in on Facebook to the Duck site!

Thanks for inviting me to your party!


Monday, June 29, 2020

"Necessity is the mother of invention"

Well, looks like it will be necessary for me to find another way to
play and present my music in the near future, at least for a while longer.
The second wave is now in place and upon us in Texas, and because of it,
there are not many live gigs being offered or to be had these days.
SO—Whoa there, Gypsy Silver!! The masked folk singer will not ride for
now.  I have put Gypsy Silver back in the stable, and it looks like we will not
be riding anywhere too far anytime soon.

will continue Thursday evenings at 7pm.  So far, I have done three
shows from home and there will be more. So please mark your calendar and
tune in. I love the feedback from all of you.

You know the ‘House Concert’ phenomenon began over 20 years ago.
And probably 75% of our shows are house concerts. They are a great format for
singer songwriters. Music lovers open their homes and friends and neighbors
come out to hear music, have some food for a little social get together. It is a
wonderful way to play music for folks.  I find a lot of people prefer this
atmosphere to a club setting or having to drive into the city to hear music.
The size of an audience can vary from anywhere between 60-200.  Usually 60-100 
but,we have played one for 200 (a very large home)  Like I said, I have played many enjoyable
intimate settings, but It was always in someone else’s home. Now I am doing house 
concerts from my home to yours and for now, the concept is working.

Just found out yesterday—
This Thursday July 2. Instead of performing from home,
I will be streaming from the Mucky Duck stage (my home away from home) .
I believe there will be a small audience allowed for this event. I look forward to
real people in the audience instead of my Styrofoam cut out audience I’ve been
forced to create. I look forward to seeing you. If you cannot attend, please
go to their web site to watch and listen in. I believe the show starts at 7pm

See you soon!
Thanks and stay tuned.